Thinking About New York

One of the best things about giving my body a little mini break from TTC, is that I can think about our other little mini break – New York!

We’re going there for seven whole nights in September, and I’m super excited about this! We’ve always had a lovely time the previous times we have been, and we have a lot of stuff planned this time that we haven’t done before. We’re staying in a different hotel, we’re seeing shows we haven’t seen before and we’re visiting places like Chelsea Market, where we haven’t been on previous visits.

I’m just looking forward to having a whole week free of London, free of home, free of families and the dogs. Just some time for me and DP to be a couple and enjoy spending time with each other in our favourite city in the world. That was we can come back to TTC with fresh heads.

Mother in Law, Me, Sister in Law and DP in New York Last Year

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1 Response to Thinking About New York

  1. JosyB says:

    Just found your blog and I love it. My partner and I have been TTC since Feb, 3 unmedicated IUI's and 1 on Clomid.. all BFN.. This is the hardest thing I have ever done it's a total roller coaster. Been on a break since June start back next week.. Fingers crossed.

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